About us

German Solar

The company German Solar is a recognized manufacturer of quality low-energy construction and a synonym for quality housing in every respect.

With every German Solar house, we want to create a pleasant stay that can only be made possible by natural ecological and energy-efficient wooden construction.

Wood as a building material offers numerous advantages, that’s why we want every German Solar house to be an ambassador of a healthy home, shaped to the measure of modern man and with immense respect for nature.

As technological growth and development progresses rapidly, man becomes tired and eager to return to the former traditional way of life.

In the desire to fulfill the needs of modern man, our company decided to offer you the right selection of modular wooden houses to give you, your family and friends back the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

On the global market, we want to establish our place among the recognized creators of new concepts of ecologically energy-efficient wooden construction complemented by refined design.

Your satisfaction is our incentive for progress and fulfillment of your wishes.

Wooden houses

The value of these houses is much higher compared to traditional houses. Wooden houses are solid, stable, very resistant and generally speaking they can last a very long time. There are many stories that houses like this have survived the worst natural disasters from Mother Nature. These houses also survived the great hurricanes of 2005, Katrina and Rita. This does not sound surprising. Unlike traditional walls, which are solid and inelastic, wood is very flexible and made of solid material, so they are more resistant to natural disasters than ordinary houses. That is why in Japan and in the West, where earthquakes are frequent, this type of construction is often used. There are still well-preserved wooden houses in Europe that are over 800 years old.


We produce wooden houses for living, wooden garden houses, conservatories, canopies, pergolas and other wooden buildings of all sizes.


Our team of architects will offer customers the design of wooden houses from our production program to meet all their expectations.

Energy saving

Our wooden houses, with their excellent insulated properties and materials, offer an optimal solution in energy consumption and saving.

Materials for construction

The materials we use for the construction of wooden buildings are the highest quality materials with all certificates, we are primarily referring to wood.

Logistics and assembly

We have a large team of qualified fitters for the assembly of objects from our production program. We also offer our customers a logistics service.

Do it yourself

We produce garden houses under our own license, which enables customers to assemble garden houses independently and thus avoid the costs of their assembly.